“Revenge” at PaleyFest

Posted on March 12, 2012

Poodles, like many of you, we’re going through Revenge withdrawal and have resorted to vowing to DESTROY the guy who bags our groceries for not handling our eggs with respect. It’s not the same.

Fortunately, we all have the “Revenge” panel at PaleyFest 2012, which means half the stars showed up, some of whom know what they’re doing and some of whom, sadly, haven’t quite figured it out yet. Let’s get judgey.


Ashley Madekwe

Putting the lie to the idea that all darker-skinned women look good in pale colors.  The shape of this thing is pretty sad, but the drab color is doing her no favors either. We suspect she looks amazing in pinks and jewel tones.


Christa B. Allen

Oh, SWEETIE. Here, let’s put a jacket over you and quietly usher you out a side door. We don’t claim to know how to predict what clothes are going to look good from the camera angle of your average step-and-repeat, but it’s a safe bet that high-waisted skirts are dicey under most circumstances. But a red, satin-y, high-waisted pleated skirt with a drab halter? Even we could have told her that was a bad idea.

Also, the zombie makeup isn’t helping.


Emily Van Camp

Why, Miss Emily! Look at you, all new and improved! Like some of her co-stars, it seems, Emily wasn’t quite prepared for the red carpet when her show became a hit and she spent several months looking like, well… like her two co-stars above. We don’t LOVELOVELOVE the bright yellow shoes with this fantastic dress, but we appreciate that someone tried to do some interesting accessorizing. A less vibrant yellow might have been perfect, but either way, this is a huge improvement for her.

Josh Bowman

This is cute, but our first impulse is to say he’s too old for this look. But since he’s only 24 (which surprises us), we suppose he’s not too old for this look; it’s just that it doesn’t suit him all that well. We can see Kevin McHale or Daniel Radcliffe killing this look, but on Josh it looks a little silly.


Madeleine Stowe

Perfection. Just look at that smile. She will clearly destroy any photographer who takes a bad picture of her.


[Photo Credit: Emiley Schweich/PR Photos]

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