PRAS: And The Winner Is…

Posted on March 23, 2012

Well, that went exactly as expected, didn’t it?

Not that we have any issue with the win; just that this entire exercise shook out exactly as everyone predicted it would. And the problem with a reality competition designed to give one person the win is that the resulting TV show is as dull as dull gets. That they took what would have been a dull 1-hour finale and stretched it out to 2 hours tells you all you need to know about where the priorities lie for the people who make Project Runway now. It’s about storylines and it’s about milking the drama for all its worth. Kudos to the three finalists, because they were smart enough to realize that and didn’t really give the producers anything to work with. Instead we got a LOT of scenes of finalists talking (and talking and talking) about how much they want to win. Well of course you do.

But those judges should be embarrassed. Not for the final decision but because that “judging” session should more rightly be called a praise session. Every designer and every piece was amazing, wonderful, exciting beyond measure. Bitches, please. You gave them practically no time at all to staple a collection together and the resulting runway shows didn’t even come close to demonstrating what these designers can do. All it managed to show us is what these designers can do when they’re exhausted and have no time to do what they want. Isn’t that what the rest of the competition is for?

So congratulations, Mondo!

We find we have nothing else to say about this episode. Might as well get to the dress-ripping, we suppose.

We still think many of the pieces here go straight into cartoon-y territory and we suspect any pieces produced for Neiman Marcus are going to be very edited for their customer base, but despite the loony-tunes aspects and the fact that he’s repeating a lot of things from his Season 8 collection, we thought he showed a bit of growth and maturity as a designer. There’s a sophistication at work here that doesn’t always come through with his designs. This was probably our favorite of the looks.

But Hilfiger was right – in one of the few on-point critiques of the night – to focus on this dress as the point where his tendencies may have hurt the design. The buttons are too big and too close together and as interesting as those circular pockets are, we can’t imagine they don’t wind up looking like mouse ears after one wearing. A cute dress, but the elements could have been just a little toned down to make it a chic one.

This was a last-minute addition and it looks it. But it’s not a bad look altogether. We think it suffers from the use of the zig-zag print which may have been a bridge too far, what with all the other circles and dots in the collection.

Those pants were obviously made and designed by Mila.

If those pants were not quite so wide and if those front pockets were – well, removed completely, this would be just about perfect.

Lorenzo’s OCD is being set off by the different sleeve colors and he thinks the average customer probably wouldn’t go for that, but Tom thinks the younger gals (who are clearly Mondo’s main customer) probably wouldn’t think twice about it.

Well, they liked it the first AND the second time he did this dress, so why not go for a third?

The Rorschach print is pretty awesome, we have to say.

This was the only look that didn’t feel like it belonged. He obviously felt he needed to make a gown but the thing is, gowns aren’t really Mondo’s thing. The circle motif and the color scheme place it in the collection, but it’s easily the weakest of his pieces.

Finalist collections to follow, darlings. Can you tell we’re underwhelmed?

For the record: We’re happy for Mondo and we think his collection was clearly better than the others.


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