PR All Stars: Wrap This Sucker Up

Posted on March 09, 2012

Thankfully, we’re at the point where we can wrap up our coverage of an episode in one day.

Can you tell we’re, how do you say? Over it?

Oh, Austin. Sweetie. We just don’t understand.

You are an experienced designer. You would know, better than any of the other designers participating, that the more seaming and pleating you put into a garment, the more the manufacturing costs skyrocket. No matter how it turned out, there was simply no way he was going to win with this design. Very frustrating.

Having said that, it’s a good (but not great) design. It would have been greatly improved if he’d just put in belt loops. Having an unattached sash calls to mind a bathrobe too readily. Rendeirng it in this heavy, wrinkled fabric only exacerbated the problem. With the right material and given time to execute it perfectly, this would have been a fantastic garment.

It is RIDICULOUS that this garment did not lead to an elimination, let alone that it got high praise from those puppets sitting on the judging panel.

We don’t really have a pick for the winner. Mondo won and we’re all “Whatevs” about that, but our issue with his win was not that he didn’t deserve it, but that he won by default and the judges acted like they’d never seen such a brilliant dress before.

With Michael, the scripting couldn’t have been any more obvious. He eagerly eats up any praise sent his way and crashes to the floor at the slightest criticism. He’s been kept in this long because they want to see him cry again when he doesn’t win a second time. This dress was pure crap – from the outrageously ugly fabric to the bare minimum of technique, to the fact that only a flat chested size 2 could wear it – and even then, she’d have to be model-tall to pull it off.  At least Anya had relatively good taste in fabrics and understood that not every woman wants to show her sternum and her ass-crack at the same time.

Oh, god. We’re defending Anya. Time to start drinking in the morning.


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