PR All Stars: Turn on Your Heart Light

Posted on March 02, 2012

“Designers, this week, you will be expected to jump through flaming hoops over shark tanks while juggling ferrets! Because … FASHION!”

We joke because we (sort of) love. We’ve said for years that Project Runway is a game show, so how much can we actually complain when it gets really gimmicky? Besides, we’ll take something like this over another “make a pretty dress” challenge. This one actually was a challenge – and it was kind of interesting to see something as creatively taxing as this so late in the competition. This is normally the time when they break out the “show us your inspiration” or “show us what your collection will be” kind of challenges.

Of course you did.

So congratulations Austin! Could there really be anyone else?

Well. Maybe.

You say “fantasy” and “avant garde” to Austin and he’s going to run with it. We love the dress and agree with the few criticisms, which amounted to wishing he’d camouflaged the lights just a little better. To that we would add that a little more volume – especially in the headpiece – would have pushed this just a little further, to where it needed to go.

What’s more interesting to us is that the fabulous glittering creature we know as Austin Scarlett apparently sprung from the brow of a surprisingly normal woman. We would have assumed she had wings, at the very least.

And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Jerell. Ironically, this was, to us, easily the most interesting look he’s ever done.

But the judges were absolutely spot on with their criticisms. The whole techno-tribal thing really worked and really felt like a naturally Jerell kind of thing to do. But once again, he really needed to edit. The long skirt was a terrible idea, as were the sunglasses. The shoes just looked cheap. But the shape and general feel of it was fantastic. We’re not saying he should have stayed. After all, failing to edit is a mistake he’s been making with practically every challenge he ever participated in. If he’s still making that mistake, even if the final product is pretty interesting, then we can’t argue with him going home. With only 5 designers left, the work needs to be as close to perfect as possible.


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