PR All Stars: Our Bouche was not Amused

Posted on March 16, 2012


That certainly was a waste of time, wasn’t it? If you cut out all of Mondo’s whining and strategizing to get the maximum amount of camera time, there would have been more than enough time to have 6 runway shows. We were curious as to what the format was going to be because we really couldn’t imagine there was enough material to pad out the finale for two hours. Turns out? We were right!

If there had been a cheating accusation or some sort of twist we hadn’t seen before, the extra hour might have been worth it, but all we can think of is those Bunim/Murray editors, heads in hands at 3 am, trying desperately to make a coin flip over a model seem dramatic. Instead we got another hour of Mr. Whiney Boo, who almost certainly had his “Therapy” idea already formed in his head, but figured the camera time was more important than putting the collection together.

The twist itself was fairly expected (as evidenced by the complete lack of surprise on the designers’ faces), but we suppose the “scraps of fabric” twist on the twist was enough to make it interesting. It looked like all three of them managed to pull together something interesting out of it all.

We say “looks like” because the show did everything it could to prevent us from seeing any fashion for longer than 3 seconds. This is Project Runway in the B/M age: an entire hour NOT about clothes but about one designer’s “personal struggle.” Bleh.


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