PR All Stars: Lite-Brite

Posted on March 05, 2012


Clear and obvious winner. In our living room, at least.

Austin’s was nice enough, but it wasn’t particularly avant garde – and isn’t it odd how often “avant garde” is realized on this show by giving the garment a huge collar or neck treatment? Siriano and March have a lot to answer for.

To us, this was the best, in terms of doing something odd and still making it beautiful and stylish. It kept coming up but it’s really true: this has Nicki Minaj written all over it and that’s the kind of thing the judging panel – and the fashion industry in general – loves;  something that’s fashion forward and still has a chance winding up on a celebrity and in pictures.

Sure, the dress is basic, but that oversized top really makes it and she styled her model to perfection. It’s a fully realized look, from head to toe. Easily the best thing she’s ever done on the show. Kind of a shame for her that the judges’ Austin love won out in the end.



This isn’t great, but considering how much he was foundering and how far outside his comfort zone this whole challenge is, it’s not a bad effort.

We think he could have taken the techno-ninja/superhero stuff a little bit further but we also think he needed to find a more artful way of utilizing the light elements. All that flashing and blinking was a little porn-palace tacky. Basically, he appears to have stumbled onto a decent concept, but couldn’t realize it in a way that looked chic.



We’re not sure why the judges loved this so much or why Mondo felt like he had it locked up. Except, of course, because the judges are primed to like everything Mondo does and he’s become just a little full of himself because of it.

Don’t get us wrong; it’s good. It’s just not great. It’s a Mugler/Gaultier redux with a slightly Mondo twist. He didn’t even use the light element in a very interesting way. And that quilted back is just bizarre. It looks like the bedspread in a little girl’s room. We would have thought he’d be the one to beat in a challenge like this (and he clearly thought so), but this was disappointingly bland.



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