Marisa Tomei in Peter Pilotto

Posted on March 14, 2012

Y’know what we love most about Marisa?


Marisa Tomei attends the British Fashion Council’s LONDON Show ROOMS LA opening cocktail party in a Peter Pilotto dress.

Peter Pilotto Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Daiane Conterato

She never picks the easy way to dress.

In fact, we’re pretty sure we’ve used some variation of the sentiment “not every woman could pull this off” or “that’s a tough dress to wear” every time we’ve written about her. Silhouette-wise, this isn’t so difficult. You just need a Marisa-shaped body for it. It’s all the competing graphic elements that make it so tough. Very eye-catching, but it risks breaking the wearer’s body into components. Here are the hips. Here are the arms. Here are the breasts. And we honestly think many women wouldn’t be able to carry it off. Now, why is Marisa able to? Allow us to postulate a theory. Please get out your No. 2 pencils.

For one: She’s not wearing one damn thing to detract from or fight with the dress. Almost non-existent earrings, no other jewelry and a fairly bland pair of matchy shoes. That’s smart. But what really allows her to wear this is her confidence. She exudes it every time she’s dressed up. You can tell she’s a woman who likes to wear interesting and challenging things and you can tell she likes the way she looks when she’s wearing them. And finally, she’s got that Italian-to-the-core earthy sexiness; all tousled hair and minimal makeup. That’s kind of her thing: really showy clothes, but very played-down face and hair. It’s sexy, but we also think it’s pretty smart. She’s an actress in her 40s who doesn’t seem to have had any major work done on her face. She’s essentially aging like a normal person and that’s exceedingly rare in Hollywood. We caught all of about 3 minutes of Cougar Town last night and there was a scene with 4 characters sitting around a table. Not one of them had a normal, human face – and 2 of them were men.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t think she wears showy, difficult clothes to take the focus away from her face. On the contrary. We think she’s highlighting it. It’s a “I’m sexy and gorgeous without fucking up my face” message and it seems to be serving her pretty well.


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