Mad Girls

Posted on March 23, 2012

We wouldn’t blame y’all if you’ve gotten tired of all the Mad Men stuff going on lately. We had to turn down a couple pictures of  The Hunger Games cast yesterday just because we’d reached our limit and couldn’t think of one new thing to say about them. But we just finished a 2-day binge of watching the entirety of season 4 on Blu-Ray and now we’re postively salivating for Sunday night. And to be honest, even with all that anticipation, we debated whether or not to put these pics up, but at the end of the day, we couldn’t not express an opinion about the outfits. First up: J Jo.

Isabel Marant Fall 2012 Collection/Model:Arizona Muse (NEXT)

That gal really loves her Prada bag, doesn’t she? But what a cute little outfit. Personally, we could’ve done without the bedazzling on the top, but we love this look for its shape and colors. We have to give her credit, she’s not quite a style icon, but she’s improved tremendously from the beginning of her time in the public eye. You’re up next, Hendricks.

Temperley London Spring 2012 Collection/Model:Marinet Matthee

Well, the hair and makeup look nice. We can say that. We don’t know… we don’t want to tell her what she can’t do, but if we were her gays and she tried this dress on and asked for our opinion, we’d veto it just for making her look like she’s wearing a bib. We don’t think that bust detail works for her. And we don’t think the dress was improved by the addition of some filmy, flimsy sleeves. The pics don’t give us enough information to determine whether this silhouette is really working for her, but our instincts are saying it’s not. It’s an interesting dress, though.


[Photo Credit: WireImage,]

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