Katherine Heigl has a Lunch Date

Posted on March 07, 2012

We feel an observation about Katherine Heigl coming on. Stand back.

Katherine Heigl on her way to lunch in LA.

Valentino Rockstud Leather Tote

Actually, two observations.

1) She really, really likes showy outerwear (and to be fair, has pretty good taste in it).

2) She never quite mastered what to wear with her outerwear.

For instance: this is a super-sassy little jacket and there’s not a thing we don’t love about it (except maybe that it’s not her color). But man, she really wanted to add about 20 years to her age this morning, didn’t she? Button earrings, big sunglasses, and a silk scarf around the neck does not a modern or youthful look make. Tasteful maybe, but not at all stylish.

And what sort of freakish weather patterns are happening on the west coast that would cause her to be apparently very cold from the waist up, but sweating from the ankles down? Flip-flops with a jacket and scarf? Is it us?

And yes, honey. We see it. We see your bag. You can put it down now.


[Photo Credit: Getty, nordstrom.com]

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