Jennifer Morrison in Victoria Beckham

Posted on March 19, 2012

Quick assessment this time, because we’re really using this post as an excuse to talk more about her show.

Jennifer Morrison attends celebration of her cover in Michigan Avenue magazine in a Victoria Beckham dress.

Okay, working our way down from the top:

Don’t love the hair; like the makeup and have to point out she’s got an incredible pair of brows on her. The dress is gorgeous and suits her well. The accessories make Baby Jesus cry.

Okay. About Once Upon a Time.

We’re starting to get a little more into the story because for the first time it’s starting to get a little interesting. There was perhaps too much time spent on the setup and the reveals of which characters were which. We thought the plot took a major leap forward with Red’s story and once she got the spotlight, we started realizing why the show is never as good as it could be. The cast is almost all wrong for the story. Of all the characters, Red, Rumplestiltskin, and Emma are the only ones who have any real charisma and can keep us enthralled. The two characters who are arguably at the center of the story, Snow and the Evil Queen, are both being played in the blandest manner possible. We’re particularly disappointed in Ginnifer Goodwin, because we thought she had better acting chops than this. Snow is being written in a fairly interesting manner but she can’t ever seem to give the role the oomph it needs. And since the love story is crucial to the plot, the same could be said for Prince Charming. As bland as bland gets. A walking bowl of oatmeal.

But the biggest disappointment of all is Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen. This should be a role dripping with camp and scenery chewing and she plays the character like a standard-issue soap opera villain. She couldn’t be any flatter in the role and more than anything, she’s what’s preventing the show from being as good as it could be. Without a decent villain, what good’s a fairy tale?

We like the show, but that has more to do with the writing than the acting. And you can forget about art direction. We just pretend not to see all the cheesy sets, cheap-looking costumes, and bad CGI. Maybe we should just start watching it with our eyes closed.


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