In or Out: Rose Byrne in Chanel

Posted on March 07, 2012

Rose Byrne makes us a little dizzy.


Rose Byrne attends the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Men and Women of 2012 in NYC in a Chanel dress paired with H. Stern jewelry and Brian Atwood pumps.

Chanel Spring 2012 Collection

Because on the one hand, we can NOT with that mushroom head. And also, isn’t time we talked about the way she wears her eye makeup?  Isn’t it kind of … 1978?

But then on the other hand, she’s a pretty kickass dresser and seems to know, or employ people who know, how to pick and wear some chic little getups.

So it’s chic clothes and weirdly dowdy and old-fashioned looking hair and makeup, the combination of which strangely makes her look eerily like Anna Wintour.

So is this a case of a look being so retro that it’s chic? So incongruous that it works? Or should we stick with our instincts and urge her to get a less helmet-y hairstyle and ease up on the aggressive, Cosmo-cover blending and shading? She’s so pretty in the movies but it seems like whenever we see her in so-called “real life,” we’re always distracted by what she’s done to herself.

But it really is a great outfit. And see how confused we are? We didn’t even mention the Payless shoes!


Vote Now!


IN! This is one chic bitch!

OUT! You can wear all the Chanel you want, honey. You still have bowl head.


The voting on Dakota Fanning’s Little Red Riding getup came fast and furious, with both sides taking the lead at various points, but ultimately, the PUFs voted her IN.


[Photo Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images,]

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