In or Out: Mireille Enos in Rachel Roy

Posted on March 29, 2012

So. AMC’s The Killing returns for its second season this week.

Mireille Enos attends the premiere of AMC’s “The Killing” Season 2 in LA in a Rachel Roy dress paired with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Rachel Roy Floral Silk Dress

Giuseppe Zanotti Two-tone Glossed-leather Pumps

A lot of people — Hi, Mireille, we’ll get to you in a second – a lot of people have asked us, okay…a number of people have asked us if we’ve reconsidered our position on the show since our little hissy fit last year and were we going to return to doing weekly reviews?

Bitches, we aren’t even gonna watch that thing. Not one second of it. Have fun with it if you want to, but when the commercials started airing, the second we saw Mireille brooding in another ugly sweater in the rain, we started twitching with PTSD. We’re done with that one.

Okay, Hi, Mireille! We were just talking about you! Now we’re gonna talk about your dress.

It’s a cute dress, no? At least we think so. We don’t blame her one bit for wearing something bright, bold, and girly on the red carpet since the show goes out of its way to put her in some seriously lumpy sweaters. Who wouldn’t want to glam it up a bit for the poledance? We also really love those shoes, although we’re not entirely sure we love them in red and white and we don’t think they were a good choice for this dress. The shoes need to be as simple as possible, we’re thinking; at least on the color side of things. There’s enough going on in the dress that it doesn’t need a graphic pair of shoes fighting with it. We’re not super-crazy about the flat-ironed hair either. And we know it sounds crazy to add anything else, but we think some sort of necklace or pendant would have bumped things up considerably. So it goes like this: Keep the dress, switch out the shoes for black ones and slap on a bright piece of jewelry. Also, do something entirely different with the hair.

And you, kittens? Do you have thoughts?


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IN! It’s bold and mod! She looks adorbs!

OUT! 1970s bathroom wallpaper!


The minions didn’t agree with us on Jennifer Lawrence’s overly complicated frock, voting it IN.


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