In or Out: Michelle Trachtenberg in Bec & Bridge

Posted on March 12, 2012

Good morning, darlings! We’re running very late today because it’s Monday, because our inner clocks haven’t been reset along with our outer ones, and because it’s Monday. Also, because it’s Monday.

But we can think of no better way to jump into the day and get all our little bitchy synapses firing than criticizing a celebrity for her clothing choices. It’s why God put us on this earth, kittens.

Michelle? Why don’t you come on out and show these nice people what you chose?

Michelle Trachtenberg attends the screening of “Bully” in NYC in a Bec & Bridge dress paired with Brian Atwood shoes. Coat by Tory Burch. Clutch by Stella McCartney.


Okay, let’s start with the good: that coat. It’s gorgeous. Love (what looks to be) the patent leather trim, brass buttons and huge lapels. Every inch a kickass coat. The dress appears to be a standard LBD; no complaints there. The tights just make good sense if it’s chilly out and besides, visually, it works well with the almost-white coat. So all of the basic garments that make up the bulk of the look are great. Once again, it’s the detailing that disappoints. That pin-straight center part really needs to go. Her eye makeup seems to have wandered in from another face because everything else is fresh and clean but her eyes look like she’s been sporting that eyeliner for a couple of days. The chain around her neck was probably chosen to give the look some edge but it’s not working and it just looks incongruously heavy. And finally, those booties, which have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the outfit, make us cry.


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IN! That coat’s enough for me!

OUT! Style’s about more than picking out a coat, honey.

Elizabeth Olsen’s velvet suit wasn’t funky enough for the Bitter Kittens, who crankily voted it OUT.


[Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

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