In or Out: Lana del Rey in Giorgio Armani

Posted on March 26, 2012

This isn’t even a tough one, but there’s a reason we’re throwing it out to y’all.


Lana Del Rey attends Echo Awards 2012 in Berlin in a Giorgio Armani gown paired with a Versace necklace.

Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Emily Senko

It’s very simple. You see, Lorenzo is besotted with her and Tom thinks she sounds like a nasally cat on Xanax. Sure, the dress is great and she looks great and blahblahblah. The point is, we snipe at each other every time we’re faced with her.

In other words, Daddy and Daddy are fighting again and like all terrible parents, we’re forcing our babies to choose sides or Christmas is cancelled this year.


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IN! I love you, Papa Lorenzo! And girl looks FIERCE!

OUT! I love you, Daddy Tom!  And I can’t stand her either which means I hate this dress and her stupid hair!


Voting on Naya Rivera’s dress made out of a fortune-teller’s curtains is still wide open, dolls.


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