In or Out: Julianne Moore in Lanvin

Posted on March 08, 2012

Anyone seen the ads for that “Game Change” movie? We won’t speak to the politics or the accuracy of it, but our jaws dropped when we saw Julianne in Sarah Palin drag. The resemblance is downright eerie.

Our jaws also dropped when we saw her in this:


Julianne Moore attends premiere of HBO Films “Game Change” Series in NYC in Lanvin.

Not because it’s necessarily a jaw-dropping look, but because it’s Lanvin, and girl has not always had good results with Lanvin. This isn’t perfect – for one, it’s too long; for another, we’ll never love that tits-in-a-box neckline – but it’s simple and chic with a classic feel to it and no one can ever really go too wrong with that.

Although, granted, that Barbie lipstick is pretty wrong. And the spider lashes. And the hair’s kinda weird. Seriously, her whole head looks like one of those giant Barbie heads you get on a stand so you can practice your makeup skills when you’re seven.

Not that we know of such things. We just heard about them. Once.



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IN! Most Improved! Even if it’s not that awesome!

OUT! What’s up with her head?


Rose Byrne’s “Anna Wintour Bobblehead” look was voted OUT by the commentariat.


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