In or Out: Jennifer Lawrence in Victoria, Victoria Beckham

Posted on March 27, 2012

If you’re sick of her, we can’t blame you, but this look made us sit up and take notice.

Jennifer Lawrence attends “The Hunger Games” Madrid Fan Event Photocall in Victoria, Victoria Beckham.

Victoria, Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Collection

SUCH a cute little dress — or is it?

Here’s where, once again, first impressions come up against repeated viewings. We love the colors and the shape of this dress on her. She’s been going for the va-va-voom looks more often than not on this little world tour of hers – and why not? She’s young and hot and she’s getting world class va-va-voom dresses thrown at her every day. So this little dropped waist frock seemed like a nice change of pace when we first saw it. Two things, though:

DOES it really suit her that well? We’re not saying she always has to wear the body-con dresses, but the more we look at it the less we think this silhouette is her friend.

And isn’t this dress awfully busy for such a simple silhouette. There’s an awful lot going on here; too many panels, too many competing weights of fabric.

One thing we are firm about: the girl needs a hair consult like nobody’s business. That’s totally “working in the mall” hair.


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IN! It’s sassy-cute! Not every dress has to show off the T & A, you know!

OUT! Enh. Looks like a sewing project gone wrong.


The minions agreed with Tom about Lana del Rey’s dress (or maybe LdR generally), voting it (or her) OUT. They also disapproved of Naya Rivera’s satin tablecloth, giving it the OUT vote as well.


[Photo Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos,]

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