Girl, That’s Not Your … Look: Jennifer Morrison

Posted on March 05, 2012

Sweeties, there is a right way and a wrong way to do certain things. This?

Jennifer Morrison attends The Paley Center For Media’s PaleyFest 2012 Honoring ‘Once Upon A Time’ in Beverly Hills in Theory.

TOTALLY the wrong way.

We love a lady in menswear and we love a lady who can rock some androgyny, but this is both the wrong menswear and the wrong lady. Switch out those black shoes for a pop of shine and color, crop those pants, fit the HELL out of that jacket and undo a couple of buttons in the shirt and we might see this working. But even then, we don’t think she’s the gal for it. In addition, sweetie, we’re begging you: NO DIY MAKEUP ON THE RED CARPET. It doesn’t cost THAT much to get it done professionally. Also, the hair’s kind of interesting but absolutely wrong for a menswear look.

Basically, everything here is wrong.

Now, since we’re ragging on two of its ladystars today and since a lot of people keep asking us about Once Upon a Time, here is the official T Lo opinion: It’s … cute.  It could have been a lot more than that, but ABC went towards more of a Disney/family-oriented route and subsequently, every episode feels like it never quite reaches the potential the story is calling for and the majority (although not all) of the cast is too bland for their roles.  There’s enough story there that we remain caught up on the show, but it’s never proven itself to be appointment television to us. And the horrendous green screening makes V look like Avatar in comparison.



[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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