Gant Rugger Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on March 02, 2012

Last night was one of those “This is why we do it” nights, which, we have to admit, are coming more and more often for us as bloggers lately. Knowing that we’re fans of the brand, the fine folks at Gant Rugger invited us to the presentation of their fall collection, which was staged at The Fat Radish, a setting both chic and informal, which is just about the best way to sum up these clothes.

The models all stood and sat around the restaurant, chatting, hanging out and just generally doing their best to not look like they’re modeling.

Which is kind of impossible when you and all the guys you’re grouped with are gorgeous and perfectly dressed.

Designer Christopher Bastin is a an ardent foodie and both the collection and the presentation reflected it. As the notes explained, “This season revolves around two characters, the Chef and the Owner, and, of course, their friends hanging out at the best joint in NYC.” Which means the event had the eeriest feeling of being sucked into a lookbook and walking around inside it.

The themes of the night were both food and attitude-based: “Mise en Place,” and “Unkempt Sprezzatura,” indicating both the materials and craftsmanship evident in the clothes as well as the confident touches of whimsy found in brightly colored scarves and belts and typically NYC-style layering.

Basically, there wasn’t one look here we didn’t love. If we had reason and opportunity to, we’d dress like this every day of the week.

And there are worse ways to spend a Thursday night, amirite?

Especially since the presentation ended with everyone sitting down to a truly mouthwatering meal of roasted lamb and grilled sea bass. Everything about the evening was thoughtful, expressive, and designed to appeal to every sense at once. It would have been a great night under any circumstance, but getting introduced to half our wardrobe for next year was the cherry on the sundae. Or in this case, the crumble on the beet crumble. The hazelnut in the endive salad. The star anise in the celery root mash. You get the idea.

Now we’re hungry. Again.


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