Annasophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw

Posted on March 28, 2012

The more we hear about this Sex and the City prequel, the less sense it makes to us.

Annasophia Robb films some scenes for “The Carrie Diaries” in NYC.

But okay, let’s go with the idea that you can take a character with an established history and simply erase it to make her palatable to a younger audience. Let’s assume all that is a brilliant move. And let’s go with the idea that you can cast any old generic starlet to play Carrie, even though the woman who made her famous has one of the more distinctive faces in Hollywood AND has had that face in the public eye stretching back 30 years, back to the time in which this new series is set. Fine. Whatever. It’s not like the CW crowd has seen every episode of Square Pegs – or even any of them. In fact, we’re pretty sure most of the young ladies in the presumed demographic haven’t even seen that much SATC. We’ll, for the sake of argument, accept all these premises, though.

What we absolutely canNOT accept is some costume designer getting an “’80s New York” brief and thinking a few paint splashes on a standard purse will get the job done. No teenager in the ’80s ever dressed remotely like this – unless they were going to a costume party as their mothers. And it’s not like ’80s teen fashion is some obscure phenomenon that would require extensive research.

In other words, the thinking behind this prequel seems to be:

  • Carrie Bradshaw: Anyone with curly hair.
  • ’80s fashion: Just like 2012 fashion, except with more paint splashes.

So you can understand our disappointment and confusion.


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