Amanda Seyfried in Beverly Hills

Posted on March 26, 2012

Hi Amanda! You probably SERIOUSLY do not want to chat with us or have your picture taken right now and that’s perfectly understandable.

Amanda Seyfried goes shopping in Beverly Hills.

J Brand 835 Mini Floral Print Twill Leggings Jeans

Alexander Wang Daria Small Leather Duffle Bag

So you keep on walking while we all talk about your jeans. Don’t give us that look. We’re ignoring the cheap flip-flops, aren’t we? Minions, the jeans are adorable, non? If you’d said “floral jeans” to us without showing us this picture, our only response would have been, “Oh, please.” But these are super-cute. Or do you all still bear the scars of unfortunate jean choices in decades past and can’t imagine ever wearing a floral pair yourself? We guess what we’re asking is:

Floral jeans: YEA or NAY?

[Photo Credit:WireImage,]

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