Yea or Nay: Valentino Fall 2012 Men’s Bags

Posted on February 28, 2012

We are, of course, divided over this very important issue. Lorenzo looks at the following items, which can only be called man-clutches (although that sounds dirty), and squeals “I WANT EVERY SINGLE ONE!” Tom, in response, shifts uncomfortably in his seat, the way any longtime spouse might upon finding out about their husband’s sudden interest in cross-dressing.

We’re both man-bag aficionados since before the term “man-bag” got thought up, let alone “murse.” And we have no problem sporting a bag designed with the ladies in mind, if we love it enough. But let’s face it; several of these are pretty much indistinguishable from a woman’s purse from a style perspective. Gorgeous-looking, no doubt. Chic, even. But the question remains:


Valentino Man-Clutches: Yea or Nay?


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