Vanessa Hudgens in Pamella Roland

Posted on February 06, 2012

Vanessa. C’mere girl. We need to put on our “kindly gay uncles” faces for a second. Don’t worry. We won’t take long. We know you kids today have a lot on your minds, what with your jelly bracelets and rap music and all, but we thought you needed to hear something.

You see, sweetie…

Vanessa Hudgens makes an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in a Pamella Roland dress accessorized with a Le Vian bangle and Adeler rings.

Pamella Roland Spring 2012 Collection

This is what we like to call a “teachable moment.” Our hope for you is that you come away from this experience with the realization that what looks good on a tiny little model posed in a certain way is going to wind up looking like diapers on you when you wander out onto the Tonight Show set.

Also, when a jeweler sends over a selection of pieces to choose from, that doesn’t mean you have to wear everything in the box at once. Even Liz Taylor would have looked at those hands and said, “Honey, dial it back a little, will you?”

Alright, alright. We’re done. You can stop rolling your eyes. But you’ll thank us someday. It’ll probably be at our funeral when it’s far too late, but you can bet you’ll be throwing yourself on our coffins, weeping in regret.

So. Is there a special someone in your life? You can tell us. Sit up straight, dear. No one likes a girl who slumps.

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