T LOunge

Posted on February 23, 2012

And we’re OFF TO SHANGHAI, kittens! Allons-y!


 Tou Ming Si Kao bar in Shanghai

And while it’s true that those stools don’t look very comfortable, underlighting is always a jet-lagged gal’s best friend, darlings. Never forget that.

“At the prestigious United Nations headquarters, Angela challenges the All Stars to choose flags as inspiration for beautiful dresses.” Why does that sentence sound like the description to an action thriller?  “…or else, she will DUMP POISON INTO THE EAST RIVER, KILLING MILLIONS!!!!!”

And O to the MFG, Mlle. Malandrino wore that exact dress to her presentation during Fashion Week and we have a very blurry cell phone pic from a couple feet away. She looked fabulous in it.

Yaddayaddayadda. Like the promos have anything to do with the final aired product.

In more interesting news (at least to us), check out our new Mad Men Style pinterest board, which we just spent all afternoon pinning together. That shit’s addictive.

[Photo Credit: myLifetime.com, worldsbestbars.com – Video Credit: myLifetime.com]

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