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Posted on February 09, 2012

Darlings, we’ll take Manhattan, but you all are heading off to Warsaw for a night of pierogies and vodka! We can’t make it due to a full dance card of New York Fashion Week events, but we’ve set up a tab for you guys, so pack your panties and get jetting.

 Velvet Bar at the Multikino Złote Tarasy Cinema
in Warsaw, Poland designed by Robert Majkut.

It’s like Prince’s rec room. You’ll have a blast, we’re sure.

“The eight remaining All Stars compete head to head in a sportswear challenge for one of the four seasons.” That sounds suspiciously like a “make a pretty sportswear look” challenge. We’ll see. And hey! Pass the bong, because Miss Cynthia Rowley is in the house. And by a quirk of fashion fate, we are heading right out of our hotel room the second we post this to go across town and attend the Cynthia Rowley runway show.


The internet connection in this hotel room is for shit, so we have no idea what you just watched. Here’s your comments section assignment: Interpret the preview in the most obscure terms possible so we’ll have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about since we’re in the strange position of posting a preview we can’t actually preview. Poetry, song, one-act play, haiku — go wild, kittens. We know you have it in you.

We’ll be back in our hotel room, snug in bed in time to watch the show with y’all and will be tweeting our poor overtweeted thumbs through the whole thing.

Oh, and for impatient kittens -is there any other kind? – the Revenge recap will be up tomorrow. If not, you can DESTROY us.

[Photo Credit: yatzer.com, myLifetime.com – Video: myLifetime.com]

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