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Posted on February 02, 2012

Darlings, you’ll be happy to know that comfy seating and flattering lighting is back on the menu.

Vanity Night Club in Las Vegas

Let’s all order something colorful that comes in a martini glass, darlings. Then, let’s all have sex with a stranger. Not the same one, of course. That would be icky.

Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman and Angela Lindvall, with guest judge Sean Avery in the fifth challenge of Project Runway.


“The All Stars take to the streets of New York to convince total strangers to part with their clothes in the name of fashion. Their muse’s outfits are ripped apart and reborn in the hands of an All Star.”

 Well…it’s the 10th season. “Gimmicky” was to be expected.


Break us off a piece of that! New York is a magical city, darlings.

Whose turn is it to go home this time, darlings? Kara, Rami, and Jerell have all been struggling, so they best step up their game this week.

As for us, we are incredibly busy little fashion bees, since we’re a week out from New York Fashion Week and our dance card is FULL. Our wardrobes are beefed up, we haven’t had carbs since Christmas, and our cats are getting annoyed because they can tell something’s up. It is GAME ON, bitches. And we shouldn’t say this, but we kind of hope the temperature drops a bit because we have all these pretty new cold weather items to wear and we would be sad little fashion bees if they all stayed in our suitcases, unloved and un-needed.


[Photo Credit: myLifetime.com, ambc-lad.typepad.com – Video Credit: myLifetime.com]

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