Simon Spurr Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on February 13, 2012

Taking its inspiration from Robert Frank’s iconic photographs of umbrella-toting, derby-sporting, bespoke-suited men in the London fog, this collection almost made us cry, it was that beautiful. We don’t know what the hell anyone else in that room was feeling and we didn’t much care, because seeing these stunning pieces walk just a few inches away from us – on some unbelievably good-looking men, it has to be said  – was something like  a religious experience for us. If anyone happened to be looking at us, we have no doubt our facial expressions were akin to those of rapturous saints and martyrs.  Or 15 year old-girls at a Beatles concert. Sans screaming, of course. Give us a little credit.

It’s a cliche to say that something fits like a second skin, but these suits are so perfectly tailored that there’s no other way to describe them. Like liquid, they were. You know how it’s often said of old school masters like Valentino or de la Renta that they “Love women” or “Love to make women feel beautiful?” Simon Spurr dresses men like that; like it’s a calling for him to make men look as good as possible by first and foremost giving them impeccable clothes to wear.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking but we’ll sum up with our final two breathless thoughts as we were walking out.

Tom: “If that collection’s not an incentive to get rich, I don’t know what is.”

Lorenzo: “Don’t give me any of your shit about “age-appropriate,” I want it ALL!”

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