RuPaul’s Drag Race: Catwalk Follies

Posted on February 23, 2012

We’ll grant you that this is at least partially fueled by our dislike of his character, but isn’t Phi Phi’s face pretty consistently jacked up? Which is odd, because he’s one of the cutest boys out of drag, with a face practically made for makeup, all big eyes and heart-shaped. For all her talk, bitch just doesn’t seem to bring it. And the dress is a cliche.

We’re happy to see that Dida has newfound energy and purpose, but she’s still got to work on her makeup and hair. Also, “my legs are sick” are only gonna take you so far in this competition. Enough with the Jennifer Aniston dresses, girl.

She sure can bring the pretty when she wants to.

Just okay.

Fabulous. We LOVE when a drag queen unveils a persona we never would have thought of. Florence Welch! Brilliant! What will these queens think of next? We’re putting money on Adele. In fact, we’re a bit surprised she’s not already a drag icon.

Is it a little weird that she looks so much like former RPDR judge Merle Ginsberg?

Just okay.


Credit where it’s due: her catwalk looks are always very polished. Dated, but very polished.


We thought this was hilarious. Sure, she can be a little off-putting and she wasn’t very professional during the sitcom shoot, but the judges came down too hard on her this week. We stand by what we said earlier: she really wasn’t in any trouble; they just wanted to take her down a notch because she’s so clearly the front runner.  Max was just playing the part of the bitchy TV producer to the hilt because Ru wanted that from him.



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