RPDR: Toot-Toot! Hey! Beep-Beep!

Posted on February 21, 2012

Quality Pubic Televison.

Oh, shut up. Puns are cool.

Once again we L-O-L’d at the challenge this week: to be handcuffed to your team mate, get your makeup done by them, and have your mug shot photo taken. A little holding cell ki-ki for the masses. Freaking hilarious. Are there new people on staff this year? Because there’s a freshness to the challenges this season.


Madame LaQueer

These two won it, but we would say they’re both a (somewhat) close second to the queens we thought should win. The exploding dye packs was a clever idea, but neither of the characters looked like bank robbers. Cute and funny, but conceptually a little weak.


Sharon Needles

Chad Michaels

HIGH-larious. We chuckled at some of the others but pointed and laughed at these two. Clear winners, we’d say. But we think they were afraid to give Sharon another win and have a Raja situation on their hands so early. In fact, we think Sharon was kind of set up for a smack down with this whole episode.

Dida Ritz

Jiggly Caliente

Dida was just okay and Jiggly (“What the fuck is horticulture?”) didn’t seem to understand what she should have been going for here.

Phi Phi O’Hara

Kenya Michaels

These two both always take it a little past where it should be, if that makes any sense.


Latrice Royale

These two were a pretty close second as well, although Latrice’s face was a little frightening. Then again, that was probably the point.





Serving up early ’90s girl group realness.

It was “Cute Gay Men with Glasses” night and the drinks were half off.


“I literally thought she was Russian” had us rolling. We always adored her. Why doesn’t she have a better career? Is that a mean question to ask?

The most hilarious thing about this challenge was all the delusional queens going on and on about their work experience and training like they’ve all been doing Shakespeare on the side. Come on now, ladies. Only a handful of you came off pro-level. And some of them were surprises.

Like Dida, for instance, who was only one acting lesson away from blowing Weezie Jefferson out of the water. She was close to perfect. Shockingly so. Kenya was off on her own somewhere and so was LaQueer. Milan acted like she was Judi Dench but came off like a total amateur. We thought Sharon’s character was a hilariously dead-on parody of the classic ditzy sitcom blonde, even if she did turn out to be a little difficult to work with.

But it was Willam’s team who won, and that’s as it should be. He and Chad are two of the most polished performers and we think they both managed to shepherd the other girls to better performances than they would have managed otherwise.

Latrice blew them all out of the water, though. This was her challenge to lose because no one was going to be more capable of serving up prison realness than her. And she’s got the comedy chops. Her neck roll was hilarious. Chad was good, but Willam seemed oddly subdued, although he nailed the character. Phi Phi was passable and Jiggly turned out to be surprisingly good, but she really needed some guidance to get there.


That is some C, U, N, and T right there, bitches. Like we said, it was her week and the win was quite well-deserved.

Let’s face it; it was time. Her best moments seemed to be stumbled onto and her weird, haughty defensiveness got old real fast.

Which queen said she was from the “point” school of lip synching? Because that was hysterical and dead-on. Not that we think Milan gave a bravura performance.  She was only slightly better than LaQueer as a performer. It’s just that she went completely spastic onstage and that was better than LaQueer’s lazy pointing.

Frankly we hate when the routines get aggressive and in-your-face and we REALLY, REALLY hate…

… the pull-off-the-wig move. For one, it’s a total cliche and a crusty holdover from the days of “female illusionists,” when the reveal of the man underneath the woman was considered shocking and dramatic (think Julie in Victor/Victoria). Now, it’s just a sign that a queen is desperate.  It’s gotten to the point where we wish Ru would stop the lip synch, tell the ladies to put their wigs back on, collect themselves, and start over. Because this is a finishing school for young LADIES.

[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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