RuPaul’s Drag Race: Claws out on the Catwalk!

Posted on February 19, 2012

Hit it, ladies!

We hate to say it, but we are so not feeling this one. And her catwalk performances always seem frantic and weirdly robotic at the same time.


Serving up Joan Van Ark-at-the-’86-Emmys realness.


Enh. Not memorable. Bitch needs to start cashing those checks her mouth keeps writing out.


Love the look, but we felt like something stronger needed to be done with the hair and face.


Awful. And kind of odd, considering how impressive her “dressing her shape” skills have been up until now. This is not flattering, dear.


Kind of underimpressed with this one, too. It’s a cohesive look, we’ll give it that. But it’s not very imaginative or creative. It just kind of … sits there.


The girl can work that body, we’ll give her that. She needs some serious help with the fine-tuning of her look, but she’s got a great base to work with and as she showed us this week, she can call on the power of fierce when she needs to. Polish it up, hon.


Latrice always has it going on, but we’ve gotta say, that’s not such a hot wig.


Completely and utterly forgettable. Seriously, were we asleep when she walked out?

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