RuPaul’s Drag Race: Catwalk Kitties

Posted on February 29, 2012

Hit it, hos.


This, to us, is the most boring kind of drag queen. There’s no “character” here; it’s just a queen in a dress and wig. Totally dime-a-dozen. She looks pretty enough, we suppose, but totally generic.


We were with the judges on this one: if you’re going to do Janelle, you better make sure you don’t just look like a man with some makeup on. That suit needed to be much more fitted.


KILLING IT. We don’t normally respond well to the body queens, but you really can’t take your eyes off this look.

God, can’t Ru just pull a lever and drop Jiggly, Milan and Phi Phi down a hole so we can get to the actual fierce and talented queens duking it out?


When is someone going to seriously address the fucked up way she puts on her eye makeup? And how does she manage to go from cute 20-something boy to scary 50-something woman so easily?


Not world class, but at least it’s a look that consists of more than “Look at my SICK legs!” It had a little wit and personality to it.


Speaking of wit and personality… looks like Max’s little dressing down last week had little effect on her choices. Sharon’s going to be true to Sharon. Off-putting? Sure, but it tells a story and tells you who this character is. Instantly.


Easily the most glamorous big girl the show’s ever had, but she’s in danger of falling back on too many pretty dresses. Willam, Chad, and Sharon are serving up unforgettable looks week after week, girl. Best step it up. A diva dress isn’t going to be enough for much longer.



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