RPDR: Booty Slam

Posted on February 07, 2012

Can we just say – as we have said many times before about this show – that we are constantly amazed…

by its ability to provide delicious eye candy (although pornstache really needs to rethink the whiskers)…

with hilarious challenges that are so campy they’d make John Waters blush?

It’s like visiting a really fun, really well managed gay bar once a week. In a world that doesn’t seem to have much time for camp, RPDR stakes its claim on the concept and shows us all that it’s still ridiculously entertaining.


In a way, this silly little bare-bones reality show fills us with a little pride. The gays are assimilating to the mainstream at a dizzying pace at this point and the discussion of how to preserve gay culture while climbing up the equality ladder can be had by more erudite queens than us, but we love this show for providing a big, gay, candy-colored powder puff to the face and reveling in its overwhelming queerness.

We cheer our brothers and sisters who are seeking to be seen as no different than anyone else and we stand by them in that fight, but we will never stop clapping gleefully over our brothers and sisters who defiantly stand for tackiness, glitter, and greeting adversity with a snap and a quip.

Anyway, the best fake asses in the group (“When making your ass, always draw the shape of Africa – or as Latrice would call it, The Homeland.”) were Phi Phi O’Hara (ugh), Willam, and adorable mother hen with claws Chad Michaels.

We suppose Mimi Imfurst put the idea of a wrestling challenge in everyone’s head last season when she picked up whatsername during the LSFYL and got sashayed for it.

Jesus Christ, that sentence looks ridiculous.

We’re bad recap bloggers, we admit it. Because we found the entire wrestling sequence so entertaining and ridiculous that we really didn’t pay much attention to who was doing what or which teams deserved to win. We just thought it was all hilarious.

And doesn’t this seem like a challenge tailor-made for the big girls? LaQueer and Latrice certainly stole the show.




Both really cute and SUPER into it. We shouldn’t make a big deal out of a couple of straight guys having great fun alongside a bunch of flamboyant queens and we wish it was totally commonplace, but since it’s not, we loved these guys for their great senses of humor.



Chad Michaels and Madame LaQueer win the challenge and we have no opinion on it either way. Not because we’re ambivalent, but because, like we said, that whole wrestling challenge had us laughing from beginning to end. It was all good to us.

She’s whiny and annoying (although not nearly as much as Jiggly) but she pulled through for the wrestling. She’s also one of the best glamour queen big girls we think the show’s ever had. She really knows how to dress that body and her outfits are never too trashy or tacky.

We adore Chad. We thought this looked more Real Housewife than Paris Hilton, but whatever. She was awesomely maternal in the Untucked scene when they all turned on Jiggly and told her to get over herself. In fact, that whole scene was great because they were all reading her, but it wasn’t out of nastiness, it was because they’d all been there and were trying to get her to “woman up.” Basically, she’s Mrs. Garrett with silicone implants.


And it’s sashay away for Lashauwn. A totally sweet kid and a queen who could be gorgeous and glamorous with a little guidance. But totally wrong for the show. This one’s still baking.

We’ll run down the rest of the catwalk looks tomorrow, dolls.


[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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