RPDR: Blood on the Catwalk!

Posted on February 01, 2012

Hit it, bitches!

As we said in our previous recap, we wound up liking Willam a bit against our wills. She was funnier than we expected. Not quite as pretty as she claims, but this was a good look.  It was the wig that came close to ruining it.


“Apocolops” in the house, yall!

We honestly thought this was going to win. She certainly got the winner edit. Great attempt and definitely a close second to Miss Sharon’s entry.


Bitch. Oooooh, we are going to be so mean to this one.

But this is a pretty good “Beyond Thunderdome” style attempt.


Enh. Seems kind of half-assed.

We think experienced queens have the same problem experienced designers have on Project Runway; a bit too set in their ways to deal with the rapidfire pace and insane demands of reality television. Not that we’re predicting an early sashay for Chad, just that she’s not wowing us just yet.


We thought the judges were a bit harsh on her. It’s not exactly a good entry, but we’d be hard pressed to come up with any qualitative differences between this look and the previous two we just ripped. We thought “Waterworld’ was a pretty clever starting point. It’s just that she didn’t take it quite as far as she needed to.



Should have been berated more for basically ignoring what the challenge asked for. Is this going to be her thing? No matter what the judges ask for, she’ll be walking out looking like a showgirl every week?


Latrice is an old school queen in the best sense of the phrase, because this look really wasn’t all that great, and she certainly didn’t look all that pretty, but she owned that catwalk like she was the Queen of England on coronation day. She may not be the prettiest, but she’s definitely got the C, the U, and the N down cold. Her T remains to be seen.




Much like Latrice, Miss Jiggly spews attitude in all directions like a lawn sprinkler, and that’ll go far with Miss Ru, so long as she can continue to wow them. This outfit rightly got trashed by the judges, but her performance during the lip synch was so intense it probably shot her back to the top of the pack, in the judges’ eyes.


Ooooooh, girl. You BUSTED.

Given some makeup lessons and some Professor Higgins-style mentoring, we think she could be world-class, but until she gets some polish, she’s going to look broke-down. She’s not a body queen (much like Ru herself; a queen who looks her best covered up because her body is so masculine) and she should have figured that out by now.


We didn’t really get the thing with the limbs and this looks more like club wear than post-apocalyptic anything. Great face, though.


[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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