Richard Chai Love and Men’s Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on February 10, 2012

We suppose we could have been predictable about it and used our love of this collection to spin off some sort of tortured reference to the “love” in the line’s name, but we’ve got a lot of shows today and we don’t have time for your silly word games. GOD we need coffee.

Anyway, we really did love Richard Chai Love. We were talking about it this morning and both enthusiastically agreed that it’s an intelligent collection, with a real sense of refinement. Relax your eyes and scroll down; you’ll see motifs at play over and over, without being cute or overwhelming about it, but’ll you also see the wide array of shapes and silhouettes, which give the collection a feeling of variety and possibility. Quick prediction about fall: plaids aren’t going away but stripes are getting more popular. And we really love the way stripes are used here. Belted outerwear is something else we’re seeing a lot of, but we’re thinking it only works about half the time. There’s a woman’s striped puffy jacket with a belt added, the effect of which makes her look gigantic. But overall, the looks are chic, refined, cohesive and interesting.

Also, we’ll take pretty much everything the men are wearing, with the exception of the oversized striped sweater, since we don’t think either of us can pull that one off.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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