PR All Stars: Who wears short shorts?

Posted on February 12, 2012

Sharpen your knives and get your pitchforks, kittens. T Lo has an unapproved opinion. Again.

We didn’t love this, but not for the reasons you might think.

Sure, it was juvenile and impractical, but welcome to the world of fashion. We had less of an issue with those aspects of the design and more of an issue with the fact that it looks so stereotypically Kenley. If she hasn’t made this exact garment for Project Runway before, then she’s made plenty with all or any of the elements here – and we’re 100% sure it’s a garment she’s made plenty of times outside of Project Runway. Basically, it’s the equivalent of Rami sending a draped goddess gown down that runway – it feels like she phoned it in. It’s impeccably made, though.


Mondo’s suffered from the same problem – it’s just a bit too Mondo in the sense that you’ve seen it before and you know he’s made it before. This is a problem generally with the All-Stars, all of whom have trick bags full of past garments that they keep pulling out, but it was especially noticeable in these two entries.

And this look suffers from the same issues that many of Mondo’s looks do; namely that it requires Mondo himself to come in and style it. More than half of the look comes down to styling. Take away the bag, jewelry, sunglasses, retro hair and makeup, and you have two pieces; one pair of shorts we’ve seen from Mondo more than once, and a shapeless, kind of underdesigned top. It’s not a bad look, but these pieces just aren’t very strong. And his weepiness over getting some minor criticism was more than a little eyeroll-inducing. Go ahead and slap your mother’s name on it if you think it’s going to get you the win, but don’t act like they spit on her when they criticized your garment. He’s been on the reality show merry-go-round enough to know how it works, so we got the distinct impression (overwhelming, actually) that the tears were for the camera.

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