PR All Stars: Top Boy, Bottom Boy

Posted on February 03, 2012


This signaled a return to form for our little Palestinian Muscle Mary. It’s not perfect, and it’s not Rami-tastic drapery, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for him.

The hat ruined it. We think it’s safe to say that Rami has great design skills, but occasionally demonstrates poor color sense and terrible styling instincts. These aren’t necessarily major handicaps as a designer, but they can kill you dead on a show like Project Runway.


We didn’t much like the vest, but we really like the top.

And we appreciated the pattern-mixing here, because that dominant print isn’t all that pretty, so trimming it out in a more graphic print helped to seriously bump it up and make it look more modern.


But we don’t think it worked as well here. In fact, we think it has the opposite effect and tends to detract from the design.


We suspect – and this might be why this look was stronger than the last couple from him – that this is pretty much how Rami would dress if Rami was a woman. That doesn’t always work for a designer. Last season, Josh suffered from the same problem. But Josh made showy, loud clothes and Rami’s aesthetic is more low-key sexy and body-baring, so it mostly works here.



Believe it or not, we didn’t hate this. In fact, we think a lot of the judges’ criticisms were bullshit.

Namely, all the “Who would walk down the street wearing this?!?” incredulity. Bitches, please. As if the runways around the world haven’t been studded with impractical short-shorts, sheer dresses, and granny panties for years now.

We take their point that the look could have used a jacket to make it look more like street clothes than a bathing suit.

And the bustier suffered from lack of support, no arguments there.


To our eyes, this look suffered from poor execution and could have benefited greatly by styling that made it look more street-appropriate, but this is a fairly on-trend garment, from the panties to the lace, and all the “What were you THINKING?” from the judges smacked of a storyline forming. They’re going to give him just enough wins to boost his confidence, but they’re going to keep slapping him down if he gets too close to being the designer in the lead for too long. This’ll continue right up to the end. It’s exactly what they did to him his first time around and he gave the producers lots of tears and meltdowns in response. We’d feel sorry for him, but we think in both instances he got what he wanted (except for the prize money, of course): camera time and a showcase for his wares.  And besides, no All-Star will get to use the “It was the editing” or “I was manipulated” excuse this time. If this is the way things shake out, that’s a shame for him, but he would have had to know that was a very strong possibility going into it.

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