PR All Stars: Say WHAT?!?

Posted on February 03, 2012

This is going to sound more negative than we mean it to – because we really did think this was a fun episode – but we kinda felt like a fun challenge like this was wasted on a bunch of All-Stars who are all too aware of the presence of cameras and how they’re coming across. This has been a bit of an issue all season, because everyone’s so low key and on point all the time. There was a teeny little bit of bitchery and conflict last night (stirred up by Michael Costello mostly), but for the most part, everyone knows how they come across and they either avoid it altogether (like Kenley most of the time) or they dive right in, fully self-aware, like Anthony, the human one-liner generator.

Of course this has always been the question with PR: How do you strike that balance between talent and entertaining personalities? A season like this is about the talent, with the personalities taking mostly a back seat to the proceedings. The previous two or three seasons have been all about personalities, with only some bare-bones talent on display (possibly due to the shittiest string of challenges the show’s ever managed). Somewhere in the middle of all of that is the Golden Mean of Project Runway casting and in our opinion, the show only ever managed a really perfect balance of talent and personalities in seasons 3 (Laura B., Jeffrey S., Mychael Knight, Uli, etc.) and 4 (Chris March, Rami, Christian Siriano, Sweet P, etc.). Every other season skewed a bit too far in either direction.



So congratulations, Mondo! There was some disagreement in our living room last night.


Lo thinks this got wildly overpraised, and that it’s a bit too expected, coming from Mondo; a bit too much like past garments.


Tom doesn’t entirely agree. Certainly, that skirt looks those shorts look familiar, but the whole win was based off of that jacket, which really is quite an amazing little garment, given the time and materials. Lorenzo thinks everything is overworked. Tom thinks everything but the jacket is overworked, and even then he can admit that the jacket probably has one too many elements. He’d get rid of that cutout in the back. But he also thinks – and Lorenzo grudgingly admits – that a jacket like this would sell like bagels.


Nine seasons of opining on every decision Nina, Michael and Heidi ever made had made us pretty good at predicting and explaining the reasoning behind their decisions. With this group, we have no such history and can’t really explain their decisions as well (which we kind of like). But we think part of the reasoning here (aside from an obvious eagerness to award a win to him), is because this look has such a strong point of view to it; an undeniable one, in fact. We can quibble over the details and whether any of them are original in any way, but he made a look for a gal who knows what her look is, and fashion people just love that sort of thing.

And it’s a sad Schmauf Wiedersehen to Miss Anthony, who got something of a spotlight episode last night. Like the editors figured they might as well use every sound bite he utters, since he’s leaving.


We also did not agree on this look at all.


Lorenzo thought it had an old-school chicness to it. Tom thought it tried for, and failed to bring, old school chic. He thinks the top is awkward, and not as symetrical as it’s supposed to be, and the pants are a bit too short, with a gigantic hip flounce making on leg look twice as wide as the other.

The idea behind the outfit is sound, but it just didn’t come together in quite the elegant way Anthony wanted it to. The proportions are slightly off. And the turban looks like something you’d wear to put on makeup, which is fitting, because the purse looks like a makeup case.

We’ll miss him. He’s one of the few left who knows how to play with the camera. Austin will have to pick up the mantel now. Michael keeps trying, but nobody’s buying the wide-eyed, open-mouthed dry-crying anymore.


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