PR All Stars: Reruns

Posted on February 24, 2012

It’s kind of sad how quickly this show became formulaic. We suppose that’s to be expected when every participant in the contest knows how to game the system because they’ve been through it once before. Not that we’re accusing anyone of cheating; just that we don’t really think anyone’s producing their best work. They’re just rehashing pieces they made before.

So congratulations, Mondo. That’ll show those bitches who didn’t give you the win last time. Just remake your most-talked-about piece but remove the polka dots!

Don’t get us wrong; it’s fine. Great, even. And the chevrons in the back were masterfully done. But when we heard through the PR grapevine that All-Stars would be showing us beautiful clothes week after week, we assumed that meant beautiful clothes we hadn’t seen before; not reruns of past glories.

Which isn’t to say he did anything wrong. They’re ALL doing it – and it’s getting worse with each challenge because they’re tired now.  We don’t know what the show could have done to prevent this from happening except to come up with more completely bizarre challenges to throw them off their game. This was, after all, just another “make a pretty dress” challenge with flags added.



This Schmauf pissed us off because Mila’s one of the few who have been consistently pushing themselves each week to do something different.


Sure, she still uses black and colorblocks a lot, but those are techniques. She’s not making the same looks that she made the first time she played in this sandbox. As soon as this walked out, we both declared it as too conceptual for Project Runway. There was no way she was going to win for this, but there was no way she should have gone home for it. There were several lazy-ass entries on that runway that deserved a Schmauf way more than this one.

Do we think this is perfect? Not at all. The transition from short skirt to floor-length is too abrupt and jarring. We like the organic feel of the line cutting down the middle of her back and we wish the front of the dress reflect that better. If the black sort of blended and curved into the red going all the way down, with the black skirt gradually dipping down to meet the red skirt instead of slashin a line right across her thigh like that, we think there would have been more elegance on display. Still, it was striking as hell and Mizrahi was full of shit when he threw out “Communism” as a critique.


She never was a game-player, which is why she comes across so sour on TV. She’s serious about what she does and she puts a lot of thought into it. To be honest, we think she was probably the most talented designer in this group, but she’s just not reality TV material.


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