PR All Stars: Of Capes and Cotillions

Posted on February 11, 2012

We LOVED this look:

And we definitely would have picked it for the win. It was easily the most high fashion of all the looks walking that runway. We think the pants are somewhat oddly fitted but the top is so bold-looking and so classically chic that we’re a bit disappointed she didn’t win it. We would have given it to her just because it wasn’t the same old mod black and white colorblocking.


Oh, Miss Austin. Just WHAT are we going to do with you?

Part of Austin’s charm is that he so clearly lives in a world where old school gentility still reigns supreme; a fantasy world of cotillions and tea parties. In Austin’s world, women under the age of 80 dress this way. He did actually try and update things by giving the blouse and jacket a slightly deconstructed quality, using the blouse fabric as a sort of fringed trim. And don’t hate us, but we kind of got Isaac’s point about the pants. They’re so outrageously high-waisted that they almost become a modern twist on the high-waisted pant. We might have bought that if they weren’t pleated and in a drab shade of beige. They’re beautifully executed, we’ll give him that. But Austin, as much as we want to be invited to the tea parties in your head, we think you need to crack open a current issue of Vogue just to remind yourself what people want to wear now.

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