PR All Stars: Ladies with an Attitude

Posted on February 07, 2012


Totally forgot about this one. The hats certainly were popular this week, weren’t they?

It’s not bad. Well, the pants are bad, but the idea behind the outfit is sound and we like the way she combined the fabrics. The top’s probably a little too interesting for its own good, but without the extra straps and pattern-mixing, this outfit would have been deadly dull. She needed to put the interest somewhere. But it kinda looks unbalanced. The bottom is a vast expanse of nothing and the top has too many idea crammed into it.



Someone’s been checking out Mondo’s and Mila’s dress forms, it seems. If you’d shown us this dress, we wouldn’t have assumed it was Kenley’s.


It’s a great little dress and our hats would be doffed to her for making the effort, except Rami and Kara stole our hats and put them on their modles. The shapes she made with the blocking, especially in the skirt, aren’t all that flattering or pretty, though. Still, A for Effort. And it looks more expensive than it has a right to.



This is sharp and extremely well made.

But it also looks pretty much like everything she’s ever made. We like her aesthetic and she’s got some crazy mad skills, but she’s killing us here. They’re gonna dump you if you keep churning this stuff out, girl. No matter how well made it is.

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