PR All Stars: Kara and Michael

Posted on February 13, 2012

Hey, remember Project Runway? We’re not so caught up in Fashion Week and awards shows that we’d forget to post about it, though. Just took a little time getting here, is all.

Didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either. In fact, we got what she was going for and we agreed with it.

From a style or retail perspective, these kinds of clothes are perfect for the type of setting she was describing. There’s certainly a market, for simple, easy-to-wear clothes and plenty of women dress this way. And there’s the bonus of being very well executed, flattering, and beautifully draped. But this is a design competition; more importantly, a reality television design competion, and while there’s certainly design and technical skill on display here, the judges are going to want to see a little more in the way of fireworks. It’s definitely way better than Austin’s entry, but not the kind of thing that wins challenges. We liked it a lot, though.

We liked this look too.

But we think the judges nailed it when they noted that it was a bit too unified and put-together. To us, this looked like how you would style a mannequin rather than a person. Put against Jerell’s look, which, if anything, had too many disparate elements, and this one comes in second. You can edit a couple elements out of Jerell’s look to make it near-perfect, but you’d have to imagine different choices altogether for this to look more stylish. Still, well done. It’s sellable as hell.

As to the big hissy fit, as someone who has no problem making a stink when another designer uses the same color as him, getting THAT bent out of shape when someone points out that he scrapped his original design for something that was rather obviously close to something they were making was, like Mondo’s boo-hooing, just a little too camera-aware. Suck it up. It’s not the worst thing in the world and it’s not the first time it happened on Project Runway. If he’d said he had no idea how close his coat was to Jerell’s until it was pointed out to him, it would have been believable and perfectly excusable. But, as with almost everything else, he over-reacted and did a poor job of pretending he’d lost his original sketch. Whatever.

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