PR All Stars: Girls! Girls! You’re BOTH Pretty!

Posted on February 10, 2012

Darlings, unfortunately we can’t provide screencaps this morning, so use your no-doubt formidable memories to illustrate the following brief recap:

The designers all have to make sportswear looks and are pitted against each other in teams of two. Michael and Mondo turn into whiny babymen (again) and annoy everyone. Or maybe they just annoyed us. Kenley is loud, Jerell acts (mostly) like a grownup, everyone makes too big a deal out of two garments that only vaguely resemble each other, Mila raises one eyebrow and smirks, Rami breaks out in hives if he’s wearing sleeves, Cynthia Rowley shows up high again, and Austin is stuck in a fantasy land where young ladies are dying to dress like their grandmothers. We never missed Anthony so much in our lives.

Actually, we thought it was kind of a fun episode. The challenge was exactly what we said it would be: Make a pretty sportswear look. But these are All-Stars and we don’t so much mind the “make a pretty” challenges with this lot since they’ve all got the skills.

So congrats to Jerell! We don’t love this in an over-the-top kind of way, but we like it quite a bit.

It’s easily the best thing he’s done this season and definitely a contender for the win, in our eyes, but a close second to another look we’ll get to later. This is all typically overdone in the Jerell manner and could have used some major editing, but there’s a chicness here. We love the shape of the coat and the layering effect of the look. Too many fabrics in the coat, though, and the giant buttons were way too much. But still, we have no issue with the win, even if it wasn’t our first pick.

As for the little altercation with Michael, we think Jerell had a point. Certainly, almost everyone else in that room seemed to agree with him. But in the end, Michael’s look wasn’t as close to his as it originally seemed. We suspect that’s because Michael course-corrected when he realized almost everyone agreed with Jerell. To Jerell’s credit, he didn’t make that big a deal out of it and seemed willing to just let things play out and let the judges decide whose work was better.

And it’s a sad Schmauf Wiedersehen to Rami. We were afraid this was going to happen. We spent all season shrieking “RAMI! DRAPE SOMETHING!” because he seemed determined to suppress his impulses. So what happens? He finally gets to draping and shoots his wad all over a dress form.

Okay, gross.

Our point is, his draping urges were all backed up and when he finally got a chance to let them out, he went too far with it. We think that jacket is a pretty amazing design, actually. And we think it’s about 90% of a really fabulous garment. But there’s a bit too much draping and volume going on. It looked much better opened and without the belt, which once again demonstrates that Rami’s very strong in designing, but weak in his styling.

Another major Achilles heel is is color sense. We’re not being mean when we say we think he should be tested for color blindness. It’s such a consistent problem with him and his taste is fairly refined otherwise. A lot was made of that truly horrid chartreuse Frankenblouse (which pretty much singlehandedly Schmauf’d him), but that wasn’t the only dicey color choice on display .The pants and shoes look like they belong with an entirely different outfit. Add in two necklines that fight with each other and a sad, arts and crafts sash holding the whole thing together, and it was time for Palestinian Muscle Mary to go home. It sucks, but that’s the thing with an All-Stars lineup. All but one of them are going to be eliminated, which means we have to watch very talented designers get sent home.


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