PR All Stars: Bringing it Home

Posted on February 21, 2012



Either we’re confused or Jerell was. Did we miss the part when he was assigned Miss Hannigan from Annie?

This takes the problem Austin’s had and turns the dials to eleven. In Austin’s case, we can at least understand why he chose Marie Antoinette as the inspiration. She’s a shorthand figure for “rich” even if she’s not the most modern or up-to-date choice. But this? We have no idea what he was thinking. What’s with the Andrews Sister hair? The outfit’s not bad (although it’s typically overdone); it’s just that it doesn’t appear to have addressed any of the requirements of the brief: young, wealthy, with a thrown-together outfit she’ll have to put on onstage. We’re halfway to thinking he should have been in the bottom, just for missing the mark so badly.



Kenley had half the qualities needed for this challenge: she does “quirky” very well and she’s got a flair for the theatric in her designs.

And while there’s a lot to like here, we think she got too hung up on the “vintage,” “East village” side of the brief and didn’t pay enough attention to making this look expensive. We love all  three of these pieces, but that coat needed to be way more exuberant than this. That collar looks like she cut up a bathmat.


Michael Costello

Once again, Michael makes something that’s pretty good, but very “mannequin in a window.” No matter the challenge, whether it’s winter sportswear or Godspell, he makes a look that would likely sell well, but doesn’t always address the brief and doesn’t always look as modern or stylish as it should. He couldn’t do an artfully mismatched costume no matter how hard he tried. With him, it’s all matched ensembles, all the time. That probably serves him well in business, but it’s always made his entries on this show less than exciting to us.

And this is essentially a cocktail dress, which is totally wrong for the challenge.

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