PR All Stars: Austin & Mila

Posted on February 20, 2012

Darlings, we haven’t forgotten our first love. We could never leave a Project Runway dress unremarked-upon. Our minions would never forgive us and we would get upset stomachs. We do it for you, darlings. And for the children. Also, our stomachs.

During the episode we thought this was a very close second to Mondo’s. In the light of day, not so much.


It’s definitely still a close second to Mondo’s; just not quite so close as we originally thought. When you get right down to it, Marie Antoinette simply doesn’t carry much cultural weight in 21st Century America. In other words, if you’re designing a costume for a rich-girl character in the modern day, we’re not sure Marie Antoinette was the way to go. When we think “rich” in the modern day, that’s not the image. Paris Hilton is the image. And while we have no doubt Austin could spin a “Paris Hilton is the modern day Marie Antoinette” sort of take on this look, we’re not seeing enough Paris here. It’s definitely clever and it’s beautifully made, but we have our doubts that it serves the needs of the character or would fit well in a production of Godspell.


We get the impression that Mila sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees in her work.


Because, sure, you can look at certain aspects here discretely – the fur jacket, the gold accessories, the fashion-y skirt – and think they read as “rich” individually, but it’s hard to believe anyone could look at this look as a whole and not think “streetwalker.” All of the pieces have their own merits individually, (although we’re not sold on either the shape or the fabric used for that skirt), but once you put them together, you have a problem on your hands. Especially once you start piling on the gold and the hooker shoes. We think with a different skirt, far less jewelry and a more tasteful pair of shoes, this could have read as a costume for a rich girl, but right now it just reads like someone who gives handjobs in an alleyway, which is as far away from the brief as you can possibly get.

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