PR All Stars: Austin & Jerell

Posted on February 01, 2012


We thought this dress absolutely should have been in the Top 3.

It’s unbelievably standard in a lot of ways and felt like a direct appeal to Georgina since this could have been a Marchesa creation. It’s not a dress we haven’t seen before, that’s true. But it’s incredibly well done, given the time constraints.



Jerrell’s just coasting. There we said it.

He’s just churning out the same dress every week and doesn’t seem to care much about the proceedings. We wonder why he’s there at all.

Ridiculous. Explain yourselves, judges.

No, really. Explain yourselves. This was close in score to Austin’s? It would have to be for both of them to be in the safe middle. That’s nuts. This is ugly as sin.


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