PR All Stars: Austin and Jerell

Posted on February 06, 2012

Can we just say…

That we love how Austin and his model look like a matched pair? He dressed to match her outfit. How can you not love that?

And how could the judges not love this enough to declare it the win?

Mondo’s was cute and all, but this was, to our eyes, a much more cohesive look – and maybe even a little more ambitious than Mondo’s (although his jacket was quite the piece of work”).


Design-wise, there’s little we feel like criticizing here. Not only does this look great, it looks like something you’d see in a runway show. The only real critique we have is in execution, as the entire thing seems to be askew on her and looks weirdly uneven somehow. It doesn’t look like that stuff on her left side is all that heavy, but for some reason, the whole top is pulling over to that side, in the front and the back. We think that was really the only reason he didn’t win. Well. That, and the fact that they judges clearly wanted to give a win to Mondo.


We just can’t with this one anymore.

He’s a likeable guy, but we just do not GET Jerell’s ideas about fashion and we’re kind of tired of trying to.

We think that yoke was an interesting piece and potentially the starting point to an interesting look.

But then, as always, he just kept. PILING. SHIT. ON.

The end result looks like a joke. Forget, “no woman would wear this.” How about “No MODEL would wear this” because we can’t imagine anyone getting the backing to mount a runway show based off a design like this? Just awful.

We’re all for a designer remaining true to themselves, but there’s a point at which “point of view” ends, and “refuses to edit” begins. This was always the problem with his work on the show and it’s disappointing to see that it hasn’t changed one bit. He really should have gone home for this. Anthony’s had its problems but it wasn’t nearly the disaster this is.

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