New York Fashion Week Front Row Day 1

Posted on February 10, 2012

Darlings, what’s the very best thing about attending New York Fashion Week? Celebrity spotting! And then bitchily judging their outfits! It’s the least we could do, since their presence causes so many flashes to go off, we’re always a little afraid we’re going to have some sort of seizure.


 Angela Simmons

All we can think is how painful that belt must’ve been when she sat down.

 Erica Dasher

Cute, but we predict a chest cold in the near future.

Giada De Laurentis and Maria Menounous

Can’t stand Giada or her soft-porn cooking show, but we have to admit, she looks pretty great in that color. Maria looks good too, but that sure doesn’t look like a dress for February in New York.

Cynthia Rowley Fall 2012 Show

 Angela Simmons

This looked a lot better in person, mainly because she wasn’t sticking her stomach out when the cameras were off her.

 Megan Hilty, Angela Simmons, Abigail Breslin

Megan is teeny-tiny (and yes, to the many who asked, we will be blogging Smash) and Abigail’s dress is adorable, but the poor girl was swamped by photographers.

 Rebecca Romijn

And speaking of swamped, Rebecca sent the shutter-snappers into a frenzy when she glided in, all golden and a head taller than anyone else. Love the dress.

 Toni Braxton

This pains us a little, because she was serving up DIVA so much that we broke our own rule and went up to her to tell her how incredible she looked. Just didn’t photograph well.

Duckie Brown Fall 2012 Show
J. Alexander, Patrick McDonald

They both look sharp and we loved their choice in outerwear, but we’re a little partial to the serious little heads behind them. Those guys are dressed FABULOUSLY.

 Robert Verdi

GORGEOUS coat. He walked in and we both said under our breath, in that way that only long-time married couples can manage and still hear each other, “Ohmigod, that COAT.”

All the men at the Duckie Brown show were dressed to the nines. The room was awash in gorgeous outerwear.

Nicholas K Fall 2012 Show
 Cory Kennedy

Eric West

 JESUS, Eric. You’re gonna pop a button when you sit down.

Play “Spot Lorenzo,” kittens!

Richard Chai Fall 2012 Show
Amanda Hearst

Sassy chic.

Nicola Formichetti

Honestly couldn’t take our eyes off him, he’s that striking in person.

 Poppy Delevigne

 Cute sweater.

Tadashi Shoji Fall 2012 Show
Heather Schmidt

Welcome to 2012! How were things in 1987 before you entered the time machine?

 J. Alexander

 The man loves his manaccessories, doesn’t he? We want that bag.

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