In or Out: Michelle Williams in Erdem

Posted on February 03, 2012

She’s one of our current style favorites, but the Bitter Kittens in our comments section had other ideas and all y’all have schooled us on her tendency to dress like a 6-year-old sometimes. We can see that, but we think she might be making the effort, now that she’s in full-on “I want that fucking Oscar” mode, to dress a little more grownup.

But probably no less twee.


Michelle Williams makes an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman in NYC in an Erdem dress paired with Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

Erdem Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Alice Cornish

LOVE. Little hearts are popping around our heads. What a great color palette. What a great shape. The whole thing is eye-catching and head-turning, but not showy in the slightest. We don’t think much in the way of jewelry was called for her, but a pair of earrings would have been nice. Also, the grey shoes were an interesting choice, we’ll give her that, but probably wouldn’t have ben our choice. This would have been a good time to pick among the least dominant colors in the garment (in this case a blue or yellow probably) and find a shade of shoe that complements that. Or just go to the opposite side of the color wheel and pick something red or orange for her feet. There’s a minuscule bit of red in the dress, so that would probably be our choice.  It’s kind of old school accessorizing, but this is an old school dress in a lot of ways. And speaking of old school, is she deliberately rocking the Marilyn lips? Because they don’t really suit her; not in this outfit.

To wrap it up: Great dress that looks smashing on her; too much lipstick; questionable shoes; and distressing (though understandable) lack of jewelry.

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IN! She’s a breath of fresh spring air in February!

OUT! Still twee as fuck.


In other bitchy news, Katherine Heigl was voted OUT because many kittens insisted they could see her underwear through her entirely opaque skirt. Also, because many kittens said they hate her.

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