In or Out: Mia Wasikowska in Miu Miu

Posted on February 17, 2012

All we can say is…

Mia Wasikowska at Miu Miu’s “The Woman Dress’ premiere in NYC in head-to-toe Miu Miu.

Thank God she got to it before Michelle Williams did.

To our way of thinking, this is SO Mia’s dress and she’s rocking the hell out of it. Love the colors here and even though that heavy collar looks like it might be tough to pull off, Miss Mia’s making it look effortless. Super-cute dress which found its way on the right gal to wear it. Step off, Michelle. This side of Twee Street is covered.

Shoes? Too matchy and too geriatric, we’re sorry to say. And the hair and makeup is also oddly aging. A dress like this calls for a fresh face, we think. And she’s better at rocking the fresh face than a lot of other ladies. So disappointing, Mia. Have your makeup and hair gays put down.


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IN! PERFECT dress for her! Eat my twee, Michelle!

OUT! Nixon daughter drag.


Voting on Leighton Meester’s stripper/fairy tale character dress is still open. Expressing opinions prevents tooth decay and combats gingivitis. Plus you get to theorize as to where her nipples went.

[Photo Credit: PatrickMcMullan]

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