In or Out: Gabrielle Union in Emilio Pucci

Posted on February 15, 2012

Miss Gabrielle would like to remind you all…

Gabrielle Union attends the Clive Davis and the Recording Academy’s 2012 Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Richard Branson in Emilio Pucci.

… that she is sex on a stick, with sprinkles on top.

Now, this is a Grammys party, and thus, not a place where one would have to worry about offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities, but that sure is a lot of … Gabrielle showing, no? “Sexy” was obviously Job One for this dress, but that doesn’t mean “classy” or “elegant” need to be disregarded. We’d probably like this a lot more if the slit was to the side instead of running straight up the middle, like a curtain parting on her business. And side cutouts never look good on anyone. There. We said it.

We think Gabrielle would look amazing in some different white, skin-baring gown, because this one is kind of awkward and not as sexy as it’s trying to be. Heterosexual men reading this (all 6 of them) just fell over laughing. But guys, we tend to go for more in our fashion analysis here than “Do I want to have sex with her? Check one: Yes.  No.”


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IN! DAMN, Woman!

OUT! Harlot! Strumpet! Get thee behind me!

Christina Hendricks’ UNsexy secretary look was voted OUT by the minions, as was Florence Welch’s too-busy dress matched with a not-busy-enough face. You bitches were cranky yesterday.

Oh, and speaking of cranky, it appears we won’t be able to catch up on some of our TV blogging until later in the week. RuPaul, Glee, Walking Dead, and Revenge are all going to be sporadically blogged, so keep checking back, but we may need to wait until we’re home from Fashion Week and snuggling with our poor, neglected cats, watching TV on the couch.

Damn, that sounds good right about now. You will eventually get all your T Lo TV-blogging goodness. Promise.

[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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