In or Out: Emmy Rossum in Anna Sui

Posted on February 07, 2012

You guys, Emmy looks cute here.

Emmy Rossum attends Lucky magazine cover party in Anna Sui.

Anna Sui Spring 2012 Collection/ Model: Mirte Maas

But does she look cute ENOUGH?

No, wait. That’s a terrible way to phrase that. It’s not like there’s a cuteness quotient that needs to be fulfilled before she’s allowed out of the house. Our point, which we would be able to make much more effectively with about a quart more coffee inside us, is that she’s wearing a super-cute dress, but we’re not entirely sold on the detailing.

We think one thing she got absolutely right was the removal of the belt. Even on the model, we could see the potential for this dress to go a little frumpy. Without the belt, it looks sleek and flattering. But that clutch is so basic it looks like she made the choice 30 seconds before she dashed out the door. And those shoes? A full year of silly putty pumps and now we’re starting in on the silly putty SANDALS?! And we’re just gonna ask: Did someone steal ALL the jewelry in Hollywood and New York? Is this being covered up somehow? Because we will NOT HAVE IT.

So help us, as God is our witness, we are going to get ourselves a rich sugar daddy, who will buy us a state-of-the-art crime-solving van, which we will use to drive around the country to various red carpet events and public appearances, so that when we see someone wearing something that offends us (which, let’s face it, happens every 15 minutes or so), we can leap out of the van, spray them down with foam, shout, “LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU. JUSTICE WAITS FOR NO MAN – AND WILL NOT ABIDE POOR ACCESSORIZING!” jump in the van, and drive off to the next miscarriage of fashion justice.

We have dreams.


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IN! Picky, picky bitches. She looks cute!

OUT! Secretary for a candy mogul.


The kittens adored Rooney Mara’s bright green getup and voted it IN. They felt a bit less euphoric about Ashley Green’s little purple dress, but still voted that one IN as well.


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